MalagaMakers Ideathons

Apping Málaga's life

UPDATE: 1st. Edition results available


Participate on an event focused on creating ideas to improve life in Malaga by the use of apps and smartphones and that could eventually lead to startups by the participants.

A great opportunity to network for entrepreneurs and creatives.

After a short introduction about the topic and how creative thinking tools are to be used, two rounds of idea generation will follow. There are maximum 10 groups, each with five MalagaMakers. At the end of the session we will vote the ideas for the three most breakthrough yet attainable ideas. All ideas will be available via Nosco's social platform for comments and improvements later on.

The created ideas are free to use to anyone and we suggest you to team up with other MalagaMakers and bring it to a start-up event next year. Also, they will be published in this section.


21st January 2016


First Ideathon



The focus of the first Ideathon is:

How can we improve life in Malaga by setting up massive quality feedback mechanism via smart phones” (f.i. every inhabitant can measure with his smartphone the air quality in Malaga city, it will be shown on a map, for anyone accessible; or for instance an massive evaluation of any bus driver on his driving skills as an analogy to Tripadvisor)

There is a maximum of 50 participants, so please inscribe here:



Centro Demostrador TIC

C/ Concejal Muñoz Cerván, 3

Tabacalera Building

Ground floor, Module 5

29003 Málaga