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What people are saying about MalagaMakers

Finally Malaga is getting European! Cheers guys

Manuel Enginer

Thank you Leo and Maciej for the interesting meeting. I'm looking forward to see you next time! And please, next time more martini could be a good reason to see more girls there ;) Nice to meet you Anna!

Gabriela Neycheva

It was really interesting talk with great geek developers. I am waiting for the next one!!


Nice meetup orgnized by cool people. Málaga is missing a solid & active community so let's keep MálagaMakers growing!

Ángel Martín

Really good! Had a great time, interesting! Count me in for the next one


It was a very informative and useful night. Thanks again Leo and Maciej for organizing it. I met some wonderful people too.

Ash Stuart

Outstanding, informative and just what Málaga needed. "That was fun. Lets do it again."

Andrew Makin

Interesting talk, looking forward to the next meetup. Thanks to Maciej and Leo form the effort, it's been worth the time.


Upcoming events

21th June 2018


MalagaMakers AFTER7 - June'18 - "Legal tips to create and promote a Startup in Spain" Talk


  • 19:00 - Welcome
  • 19:10 - Talk: Legal tips to create and promote a Startup in Spain by Antonio Cardador (Lawyer).
    What steps should one follow to create a start-up in Spain? How to protect the project along with the shareholders' interests? How funding can be efficiently funnelled? Throughout the talk, Antonio will explain the laws that affect starting founders in Spain. He will give some tips on choosing the kind of company that fits you best. At the end he will allot time for Q&A.
  • 20:15 - Lightning Talks - 5 min., no Spam, GO!
  • 20:30 - FREE BEERS and Networking . Beers kindly provided by our sponsor: The Living Room.


About Antonio Cardador

Antonio Cardador is a Spanish lawyer specialized in IT, Start-ups, new ways of entrepeneurship and Civil Law. Antonio is one of the top Real Estate lawyers in Malaga, he is an Associate Professor at the University of Malaga, has done pro-bono work for the PAH non-profit organization and founded the law-firm "Cardador & Marin" in Fuengirola where he currently is named partner.

He is on Twitter @cardador

How to attend

Register in using this link: RSVP


Leo Lara


Turns great ideas into amazing teams and products.

Has many years of experience building stuff and leading teams which enables him to work effectively with engineers, designers and marketing to build amazing products.

He is from Malaga but lived abroad from 2007 to 2013.

Maciej Książek


Maciej is a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur from Poland, who has just recently moved to Málaga. He is currently working for a new San Francisco based start-up. He has worked for a few start-ups and co-founded a few projects in his career. He is founder of the second most popular website in Poland for cinemas information.

Damián Serrano Thode

Director of events coordination

He is a Software Engineer from Málaga, Spain. He has been working with VoIP systems and web services in the last years, writing mostly in C#, Java and Ruby on Rails. He loves learning new languages and technologies.

Dan Kuida

Coordinator of events

Moved to Malaga after 23 years in Israel(originated from Soviet Union) 15 of them in the high tech industry.During that time he served as a tech lead and group manager in the military and as a CTO in startups.


Jonas Brandel

Director of Sponsors

Founder @ and

Gijs van Beeck Calkoen

Ambassador to Institutions and Director of Ideathons

Helps teams in companies to create ideas for innovations

Enrique Esquinas Algaba

Director of Marketing

Freelance programmer, former filmmaker.

Aurora Ferrándiz


Imagining new ideas and making them true using IT

Carlos Tíscar


Sales professional, entrepreneur and LinkedIn expert

Javier García Magna


Coder. Passionate about technology. Head of software development @sequelbusiness

Rafa Latorre


Front End Developer with an obsession for the subtleties of good User Experience and good Interaction

Ewa Mitulska-Wójcik


The user-centered frontend developer. Moved to Malaga from Poland. She strongly believes that life is all about Experience.

Patrick Suarez Solan


Marco Pausini


DSP Communication Engineer. ASIC designer. Ph.D. in Wireless Communications.

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